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How much does web development cost in Jamaica?

Website cost in Jamaica? Many businesses, small and large, are shifting toward making their business accessible online. This creates a need for website development. As small businesses in Jamaica are getting up to speed with going online, whether it be social media platforms or their own website, it’s good to know the full cost of having your own website and is the cost beneficial for you at this time. While there is no standard charge across the industry for web development, we will discuss the cost of a website as it relates to the known range.

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How Web Developer Charge For Their Service

Before we discuss the range in which a web developer charges, let’s first take a look at how web developers charge for their service. Developing a website requires having a domain name, a hosting account to store your website. The developer would then be able to design and develop a website for your liking and provide regular maintenance which is normally done monthly to provide security updates for your website. A web developer can choose to charge a one time upfront cost which can sometimes include the cost for the first year of hosting and your domain name and after which you pay a lower monthly fee for maintaining the website.

The Average Cost to Build A Website In Jamaica

Now we have that out of the way. The cost to build a website in Jamaica can range from $45,000 JMD ($300 USD) to around $300,000 JMD ($2,000 USD). The cost is all tied in with the features you want your website to have, expected monthly visitors and many other factors to consider. It’s normal for well established web developers to start their package at a cost of $75,000 JMD ($500 USD).

Creative Web Design Ja - How We Can Help?

Creative Web Design Ja was started with the mission of finding solutions for small business and as such we look to work with a budget you the client set. With that we can then give you a clear perspective of what you can expect. Contact us now today to discuss starting your online business or transitioning your existing business to having an online presence. Click here to view our pricing.

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